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Dexels BV Amsterdam

Dexels is a highly specialized software development company that creates applications for companies in the sports industry. They have more than 20 years experience in developing robust, high-performance and complex systems. In these 20+ years, they build a rich repository of knowledge, experience and tools that they like to share with other companies. 

About Dexels

Dexels was founded in 2000 by two researchers from the University of Amsterdam and the CWI (the National Research Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science in the Netherlands). They saw a growing need for service oriented computing, so they architected and developed a new service oriented framework.

In 2016, Dexels employed 15 highly qualified people with several decades of shared experience in Information Technology - going all the way back to the first mainframe computers. The company was growing fast and had formed multiple strategic partnerships in Asia, Europe and North-America. Till this day, they work with the same people and companies, and they also cooperate with other consultancy, implementation and sales partners. Because of this, Dexels is able to stay focused on what they do best: developing enterprise scale IT solutions. 

Working at Dexels

At Dexels, there’s an inspiring working environment with plenty of career opportunities and enough space to show and develop your talents. Dexels employees belong to the upper-class software architects and developers in the Netherlands. 85% of them have relevant university degrees and/or bachelor degrees in computer science.

Openstaande vacatures

Mobile App Developer

Dexels is looking for developers to work on a wide range of Android and iOS apps for the sports, events and entertainment sectors.You are an eager and autonomous developer with a passion for developing for mobile platforms. You know that writing excellent and clean code is essential for successful software. You are able work well in a group but are also able to plan, manage and develop individual projects.

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